Tiaano’s Electrolytic water conditioner [Hardness Breaker] “ScaleX” is breaking the hardness of water by cathodic reaction, and anode oxidation. It creates mixed oxidants [disinfectant] by using naturally available chlorides in water [zero chemical / zero salt addition] followed by REDOX (Reduction and Oxidation) technology.


Though the water is not soft at the outlet of the ScaleX, the scale forming ions have been reduced to a level that prevents the deposition in water distribution system, including piping, taps & fittings, sanitary wares, and all appliances.


In this Electrochemical treatment, Ionic state of the water will be converted to molecular state; i.e., the viscosity of water will be reduced, when water passes through the exotic metal cell. When viscosity reduces, the scale formation properties of the water will be reduced. Water treated this way acquires the properties of soft water and can dissolve existing scale too.

  • Water treated by ScaleX is drinkable, if the raw-water TDS between 150 ppm to 900 ppm.

  • ScaleX is recommended for whole home water treatment, if the raw-water TDS is maximum 1000 ppm.

  • When the raw-water TDS is between 1000 to 2000 ppm, ScaleX is to be installed for commercial use.

  • ScaleX will be the best solution for all classes of poultry, when the raw water TDS is up to 3000 ppm.