Over three decades of design and manufacturing expertise, Ti Anode Fabricators Private limited, Chennai offering different electrochemical plants including Electro Chlorinator, Electrolytic Scale Remover, HOCl Generator, Hydrogen Generator, Electrolytic STP and ETP plants, by using Ruthenium, Iridium, Platinum, Palladium catalysts and Titanium, Nickel & Zirconium substrate. ScaleX, an electrolytic water conditioner and hardness breaker is recently included our product mix.

We, Tiaano established its operation right from its inception in 1992 with well-equipped latest in-plant facilities & qualified engineers delivering Quality, Economy & on time Delivery of electro chemical equipment & plants and their parts of anodes, cathodes, cells and electrolyzers under single platform.

ScaleX breaks the water hardness ions of Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Sulphate, Ferus, Manganese and Colloidal Silica which are dissolved in the water and keeps them disintegrated and converts from divalent ion to monovalent ion. ScaleX generates Mixed Oxidants in the water, it will…

Limit the biofilm development.
             o Pipe line corrosion,
             o Bio-fouling,
             o Formation of bacteria,
             o Spreading of airborne bacteria like legionella ,
             o Spreading of Micro-Organism growth viz., Algae and Slime.