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Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. What is the Most Probable Number (MPN) in water, if install ScaleX?

If the feed water contain less than 5 ppm BOD and or COD less than 20 ppm, ScaleX will treat the water; immediate after the treatment the MPN count less than 10. MPN count is less an 2, after 8 hours of residual time, provided the chlorine dose from ScaleX 2 ppm. Customer should select the ScaleX model with such a capacity to produce 2 ppm Chlorine by using our site link For details Click here. It’s result showing, before ScaleX the MPN is 13 and after the ScaleX treatment, its MPN is less than 2.

2. Is there any limitation of TDS / Hardness of water required for the ScaleX to work effectively?

Water TDS should be minimum 100 ppm and maximum 3000 ppm.

3. Is there a chance for reversal of water thus conditioned like in Catalytic and magnetic water conditioners?

Once the water is electrolyzed (ionic state to molecular state), it never reverses to Ionic state as like magnetic water conditioners.

4. In self-cleaning, where will be the molecules in the treated water?

When the ScaleX operation is in high frequency mode, the system breaks the hardness (split ionic state to molecular state) of the water, but the scale will be never separated from the water.

5. How long does it take to convert water into treated water for usage?

Immediate after the ScaleX operation.

6. Is there any change in ph. or ORP of water after installation?

Yes, after the ScaleX reaction the pH will be 6.5 to 7.5 and the ORP will be 550 to 700.

7. What tests can be offered to prove that water has treated?

Viscosity test according to APHA standard and residual chlorine analysis test.

8. Does the viscosity test of water changes before and after the installation?

After the ScaleX, the viscosity of the treated water will be reduced around 20%

9. What is the preferred location of unit?

Pump outlet line to overhead tank.

10. Shall we install ScaleX at outlet of the overhead tank?

Yes, ScaleX will work for the particular house connection among many, if we install ScaleX in outlet of the overhead tank.

11. Any special care to be taken for installation of unit?

ScaleX is just Plug & Play unit. Animation video and manual are available for installation.

12. What is the delivery time?

Delivery from ex stock, maximum time will be 10 working days (depends upon the quantity) from the date of receipt of order with payment.

13. What is the trade discount and payment terms?

Refer our enclosed price list Dt. April 11, 2023

14. Whether ScaleX unit requires any filter before or after it?

There is no requirement of filters before and after the ScaleX.

15. Is there any pressure drop across the equipment.?

There is no pressure drop across the ScaleX.

16. Can you share your reference list?

More than 5000 installations throughout the world.

17. What are the effects in water circuits after the installation of ScaleX?

A. Immediate effect: ScaleX action immediately starts to…
a. disinfect the water.
b. breaks the ionic state of the water into molecular state.
c. loosen existing scale on entire pipeline after ScaleX.
B. Effect after a week: Existing scale will be broken as small particles and flows down through your water system. You may notice microscopic particles in the water coming from the taps and shower heads. It will be easier to wipe and clean ceramic, plastic, glass and metal surfaces. By now, the quantity of bath soap, dish soap, laundry detergent and softening agents can be reduced.
C. Effect after three weeks: Scale will be softened on Faucets, Showerheads, and frequently used appliances such as Kettle heater, Coffee makers, Geyser etc. With the continuous break down and reduction of scale from the heating surfaces of water heaters, water will be heated quickly using less electrical energy.
D. Effect after two months: Any Scale Crust or Stains in toilets or under faucets will have started to soften and will be easier to remove. No new stain or crust will form. *Depending on the water hardness in your area, full effects can take up to 12 weeks, especially if the system has been heavily scaled over many years.